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You would have heard of the tragic death and injuries to construction workers at the Curtin University site in Perth this week.

While the general public is onside in being appalled at more young workers not coming home to their family and loved ones, we must get a clear message to the WA Senators, lobbied by employer bodies and big business, who are preventing industrial manslaughter draft legislation from passing into law.

Therefore, the Union movement is calling a rally at Noon on Tuesday 20 October at Solidarity Park for a short walk to Parliament House to send that message.

I ask that you do whatever you can to attend this important rally; if working can you take an RDO, personal leave, half day off? If not working or on R&R I urge you to get there – whatever it takes to swell the numbers so the pollies and the press can’t ignore it.

See you there!

Peter Carter

ETU WA State Secretary

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