Establishment of the ETU WA Hardship Relief Fund (HRF)

Last year we increased our membership dues by $1 p/w and committed that half of that increase would be set aside to establish a Hardship Relief Fund for our members.

The concept of the HRF is to financially assist members when they are on strike, or need a temporary loan due to extreme economic hardship, for example.

The committee to run the fund should consist of a mix of rank & filers and officials, with a majority of rank and filers existing at all times.

Therefore we need to determine who will sit on the committee and, after discussion at recent State Council meetings, it was determined that it would be open to any financial member who wished to be considered.

However given that we have more than 5000 members we will need some form of basic criteria for the members to be assessed. So for example delegates, OSH Reps and State Councillors themselves – having already been elected by their workforces to represent them – would obviously be high on the ranking.

But if any other member not in any of those roles, for whatever reason, wish to be considered then please contact your organiser below with a brief description of why you want to be on the committee and what you could bring to it in regards to experience on other committees in work or in the general community.

We envisage that the committee will made up of all voluntary members and will consist of 2 members from each of the main sectors (Supply, General Trades and Electrical Contracting Industry) plus the 3 Lead Organisers from these areas – Brendan Reeve, Andy Giddens & Ian Gill, giving a total of nine.

In the event we have more candidates than committee positions available, State Council - being the main decision making body of the Union, will assess and decide.

The committee would meet at least twice per year to administer the fund and whenever necessary to determine requests for assistance from the general membership.

Peter Carter

State Secretary


Brendan Reeve | Assistant State Secretary - Supply

0488 585 227

Andy Giddens | Foundry, Gas, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Universities & Water Alliances

0457 236 555

Ian Gill | Lead Organiser (Contracting)


Adam Woodage | Kwinana & South West Region (Contracting)

0403 601 997

Alister Robinson | North West & South West Regions (Contracting)

0488 015 615

Damian Clancey | City, Lift, Metro & Offshore (Contracting)

0411 261 124

Mark Mocerino | Ship Building & Rail

0411 706 716

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