An important message to all electricians re change of regulations to light fittings.

To all home and building owners:

Western Australian electrical safety regulations require all lighting points to have earth

protection using a conductor connected to the main earth of the building’s electrical


The earthing conductor must be connected to a suitably robust earthing terminal of the

lighting point (Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000:2018 Clause 5.4.3). Luminaires (light fittings) with exposed metallic (conductive) parts also must be earthed using an earthing conductor connected to the earth terminal of the lighting point (Clause 5.4.4).

Unfortunately, home and building owners sometimes purchase lighting fittings from

Australian suppliers or online from overseas sources which do not meet the required earthing standard.

Licensed electrical contractors and their employed electricians must refuse to install such

fittings unless they can be modified to comply with the earthing safety requirement.

Home and building occupants touch lighting points and fittings when cleaning them, painting adjacent surface areas or replacing light globes, often when on a metallic ladder. It is critical that they do not experience an electrical shock in such circumstances, causing them to fall.

Earthing protects them against this.

When new unearthed lighting points and fittings are installed, Electrical Inspectors are

obliged to issue an Inspector’s Order to the home or building owner requiring the earthing to be corrected.

Please accept the need for this important safety measure and call a licensed electrical

contractor to make the necessary earthing modifications. Thank you for your cooperation and contribution to electrical safety.

Saj Khan – Director of Energy Safety

Building and Energy division I Website version of advisory letter I 14 May 2020

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