Annual Secretary Address from Peter Carter

April 2019

It has been another tough year for many members in areas still facing the economic downturn with little work available and a wage race to the bottom caused by the IR legislation of this rancid LNP Coalition Govnt (please see more in enclosed newsletter). However, on the bright side, there is upcoming work planned throughout the state with construction & infrastructure projects (including shipbuilding & rail) commencing this year and positive outlooks from there on in. The recent restructuring of our branch should hold us in good stead to grow membership and influence political decisions for the betterment of those members and in defense of our trades.

Subscriptions 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 - & establishing a members

‘Hardship Relief Fund’

Due to the difficult economic period that many of our members have faced we have not increased Union dues for the last 3 years. During these hard times we have been inundated with members who have not been able to simply make ends meet.

Unfortunately as a Union we cannot financially help members facing these problems, unless they have sought temporary loans for hardship through the Electrical Contracting Industry’s rank & file ‘Electrical Workers Association’ (EWA) fund. In the past this fund has also given bridging loans while members have been awaiting workers comp or severance payouts, helped members with donations for their sick children to be medically treated overseas, along with its primary function of financially assisting members when on strike for better pay and conditions.

However, the EWA fund is made up of money collected by Rank and File members in the Electrical Contracting Industry only, and therefore is accessible to them alone. So we looked at ways of changing this and offering assistance to all members.

With this in mind, and the fact of no increase for the last 3 years, our State Council has determined to increase our dues by $1p/w for the following financial year.

However, we commit that $0.50c p/w of this will be used to establish a Hardship & Relief (H&R) fund to ensure all members can access help when faced with excessive hardship, as well as being able to claim some money during industrial action that may be needed to claw back losses and win wage increases in EBA’s when the current legislation is changed to allow us to do so.

We envisage that the fund will be administered by voluntary members and will consist of 2 members frome ach of the main sectors (Supply, General Trades and Electrical Contracting Industry) plus the 3 lead organisers from these areas - Brendan Reeve, Andy Giddens and Ian Gill, giving a total of 9.

Other branches of the ETU throughout Australia operate similar funds successfully. We know that the majority of us will never need its help. But for the sake of $52 P/A (apprentices $26 P/A) - tax deductible - we can help out our fellow brothers & sisters who may fall between the cracks and need a hand-up.

Please don’t forget that Union dues are tax deductible!

If you wish to discuss this personally, or seek further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or your organisers.


For your information our Journey Cover insurance covers members up to 70 years of age.

Our Death and Disability payment is $5,000.

Our Safety Net emergency transport (Ambulance cover) claim is up to $650 for financial members and their dependent family. (Contact the office for conditions of claim).

You can access many further benefits online via website at


Members are advised that to receive the 10% discount for an annual ticket, payment must be made by the 30th June 2019 and payments made prior to 30 June 2019 can be claimed on this year’s tax return.

NOTE: The 2018 Financial Audit report has been published on the ETU WA Website being: and Please contact the office if you wish to discuss or request a printed copy.

Information for Direct Debit or Payroll Deductions Payers

Notices have been sent to employers advising them of the annual rates for payroll deduction payers for the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020. Given the increase for dues & the Hardship & Relief fund you will need to contact your banking institute or employer.

Fortnightly deductions for Direct Debit and Payroll payers are as follows and please contact the office if you require any further information:-


$29.00 per fortnight

($1 for H&R fund)

Trades Assistant and Adult Apprentice

$26.45 per fortnight

($0.80c for H&R fund)

Apprentice (21yrs of age or less)

$ 10.80 per fortnight

($0.50c for H&R fund)

Trade Training Courses

Members looking for trade based training courses at discounted rates are urged to visit the CSTA website for further information or contact office staff on 08 9440 3600.

We are in the process of looking at increasing the amount of courses we offer and by the end of the year hope to be in a position to add Instrumentation & EEHA & Solar training to our list. Please keep in touch for regular updates.

Members Details

As State Secretary it is my responsibility to ensure our records are kept current so once again if any of your details have changed please notify the office by emailing or phoning the office on 08 9440 3522.

If you are confident we have your correct details that's great you don’t have to do anything; if in any doubt please get in touch. The information required is as follows: -

1. Postal address 2. Email Address 3. Mobile Number

4. Home Phone Number 5. Employer 6. Workplace/Site

Current Officials

Peter Carter (State Secretary) 0403 601 991

Brendan Reeve (Supply Organiser) 0488 585 227

Andy Giddens (General Trades Organiser) 0457 238 555

Ian Gill (ECI Organiser) 0403 601 996

Alister Robinson (NW & SW ECI Organiser) 0488 015 615

Stuart Nicholson (ECI Organiser/Apprentice officer) 0429 945 561

Damian Clancey (ECI Organiser) 0411 261 124

Adam Woodage (ECI Organiser) 0403 601 997

Office Staff – 08 9440 3522

Kim Stewart (Office Manager, Accounts & Finances)

Nola Mellowship (Admin & Membership)

Michelle Murie (Membership & Website)

Yours in Solidarity

Peter Carter

State Secretary

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