Follow up on Main Roads

We were recently accused of inflating wage cuts that are about to impact our members due to a BASELINE AGREEMENT endorsed and accepted by the ALP government.

We would like to clear up this misinformation with the following facts:

1. DM Roads, who have maintained and serviced our road network for the past 10 years have recently LOST this contract to Ventia Pty Ltd. They will hand over operations to Ventia on 14th October 2018.

2. DM Roads currently pay their specialised Level 3 Electricians $43.00/hr

3. When the Main Roads contract was up for renewal, DM Roads negotiated with their workers to lower their wage rates so they could present a more competitive tender. A 12% decrease to $38.70/hr was agreed upon.

4. Ventia tendered for the Main Roads contract with a wage rate of $34.37/hr. This rate is 25% LOWER than DM Roads workers are currently being paid and THIS tender was accepted by Main Roads.

As this workforce is HIGHLY SPECIALISED, Ventia have offered to take on the DM Roads workers so that they can fulfill their contract agreements to Main Roads.

It is SHAMEFUL that this blatant BASELINE AGREEMENT was tendered by Ventia. It is even more SHAMEFUL that our state government department has accepted it.

CHEAPEST IS NOT BEST! Perth Children’s Hospital is a recent prime example of a government out of touch with reality.

Specialist work forces who do important, necessary work should not have their wages cut by 25% to boost company profit margins.

#ShameMainRoadsShame #PeopleBeforeProfits #NOBaselineAgreements #ETUWABranch #ProudToBeUnion

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