Mono's caught out in EBA contradiction

Just this week the ETU secured a significant win for Monadelphous Electrical personnel out on the Inpex project. Monos have been forcing employees to undertake E.E.H.A Training in their own time, and at their own expense.

This directive came with the threat of de-mobilisation if they failed to comply. A direct contravention of the M Maintenance Agreement. Finally a few of the crew decided they’d had enough and pushed back.

ETU legal sent a letter to Monos Management telling them in no uncertain terms that they were out of line and would be hit with an adverse action claim if they didn’t agree to pay for the training costs, and for time spent in attendance.

Five days after receiving the ETU correspondence they backed off, and have agreed to pay all training expenses related to the EEHA course, as well as payment of wages for time in attendance.

It’s a great result, and a great example of what can be achieved by the collective. All we were asking Monos to do was abide by their own Agreement! They were banking on the crew being ignorant of the Agreement, or too scared to fight back. WRONG!

We will now be seeking payment of wages for all Monos Inpex personnel who have attended training over the course of the project.

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