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We are stronger together.

Proud to be Union.

The wages and conditions you enjoy today were won by workers who joined together to negotiate fairer terms with their employers thus creating the UNION.

Thankfully, a lot of employers do the right thing and are happy to negotiate with their workers to ensure a happy work place for all but we exist today because our members need us to be here for those that do not. It would be great if all employers gave their employees proper conditions,

fair entitlements and good pay rates because they felt like it. Unfortunately the truth is, the less they can give us, the more they can keep to increase their profit margins, lobby the government for deeper tax cuts and keep their shareholders happy.

Our mission is to the protect the electrical trade by ensuring the conditions and entitlements that were hard fought for and won by Union members are continued to be enjoyed by future generations to come. We are also dedicated to keeping the electrical trade a safe one, with proper supervision and training for our future tradespersons - our Electrical Apprentices

We've achieved a lot since we formed in 1906 but there is still plenty more to do.

If you're not a member, join. If you are a member, get involved.

Let's do it better together. Power the future.

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