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Everyone can join a Union. Even Apprentices.


In fact, we encourage it because Apprentices are the future of our trade and we help our Apprentices to get paid better.

Why should I join the ETU?


There are plenty of good reasons to join the ETU, such as:

  • The ETU is fully committed to protecting your trade.

  • The ETU is represented on the Electrical Licensing Board and continues to defend your Electrical Licence.

  • The ETU actively defends workplace health and safety.

  • The ETU continues to push for improvements in the Award.

  • The ETU will defend you if you face disciplinary action.

  • The ETU represents members with workers compensation claims.

How much does it cost the join the ETU?

It costs less than a dollar a day to be a union member (for Apprentices under 21 years old).

JUNIOR APPRENTICES (under 21 years old)

$353.00 Annual Fee (1st July - 30th June)


$13.60 Direct Debit Deductions (taken fortnightly on Fridays)


$784.30 Annual Fee (1st July - 30th June)


$30.20 Direct Debit Deductions (taken fortnightly on Fridays)

Recently, some of our Apprentices were paying for their own College fees. Some of them were being reimbursed by their employer while others were paying the full amount and were not offered any assistance. 

We approached their employers and got their money back. In a few instances, we found out that Apprentices were being underpaid and so they received back pay. Our experience in handling matters like this is one benefit you receive when you join the Union.

For a confidential chat about this or any other matter, please get in touch with us.

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