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Did you know?


  • The National Electricians & Communications Association (NECA), Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCI) and Master Electricians Australia (MEA) are employer unions. They are bodies dedicated to protecting the interests of their membership and they are powerful because their members include big business. If they have someone protecting their rights, why can't you?

  • Apprentices can join the Union. You may be told otherwise but this is not true. You are even able to participate in industrial action against your employer. (You may not take part in industrial action against your host company if you are indentured with a Group Training provider as the provider is your employer)

  • You must be a union member before we are able to represent you. We may give you general advice but it is not fair to the rest of our membership if we give our time to someone who is not in the Union.

  • Most apprentices should not be paying for their own tuition fees or books.

  • It is virtually impossible to sack an Apprentice, you have more power than you know.

  • You are not contracted to your employer, they are contracted to you for the term of your apprenticeship.

  • It is a legal requirement for your employer to give you a pay slip with a breakdown of your earnings every pay day.

  • Your employer cannot force you to work outside of the safety guidelines, and you're never allowed to work live.

  • Your employer cannot force you to work overtime and must allow you time off to attend TAFE/College of Electrical Training.

  •  Your employer has to pay into a superannuation company of your choosing, you do not pay your own super.

  • Never sign anything without advice first, even if the Apprentice Office asks you to, because you have the right to representation and advice. Take the time to contact us because, thanks to the Liberal Government's biased industrial laws, once you've signed it, it is extremely difficult for us to undo it.

  • Australian Apprentice Support Network are but one option for assistance. Second opinions are sometimes needed and the Union will give you access to legal advice if you feel something is not quite right.

  • The ETU has a dedicated Apprentice Officer in each state and nationally, we know your rights and are here to protect them.

  • Junior Apprentices union fees are heavily subsidised and are 100% tax deductible.

Want to know more? Get in touch and join today!

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