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Threats to Electrical Safety Standards

BREAKING NEWS: The ETU has condemned the latest proposal to scrap crucial safety checks which keep Australian workers and the public safe.

A 'Committee for Economic Development of Australia' (CEDA) report released on Monday has called for removing licensing of electricians and plumbers.

It labels both trades as “personal services” that should have the same arrangements as taxi drivers and driving instructors.

“The suggestion that we should scrap licensing in electrical trades is a dangerous thought bubble that needs to be rejected outright,” ETU Acting National Secretary Michael Wright said.

“Simple but important safety checks are the backbone of Australia’s licensing systems.

“These safety checks help workers in high-risk industries like ours come home safely at the end of the day.

“Winding back safety regulations is a recipe for disaster which could kill Australian workers.

“We’re calling on the Federal Government to rule out watering down safety standards for electrical trades.”

Listen to the ABC Radio Perth interview with host Geoff Hutchinson interviewing ETU Acting National Secretary Michael Wright below.

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